Abridged Pause Recordings releases “Bonjour Tristesse”/”Adieu Tristesse”

APR9: Soufferance "Bonjour Tristesse" EP

APR9: Soufferance “Bonjour Tristesse” EP

Abridged Pause Recordings is proud to finally release it’s eighth and ninth releases, Soufferance’s “Bonjour Tristesse” EP and “Adieu Tristesse” LP. Both releases have been four years in the making and finally see the official light of day on November 14th 2013. After going through many producers, art designers and even labels, this album/mini-album concept are finally available to the public. We found the most recent masters of all songs (as they had been played around and edited by various producers and labels over time) and put together sort of a complete concept double release.

The album “Adieu Tristesse” takes the listener through dark ambient love phase, where it quickly deteriorates, while the EP “Bonjour Tristesse” manages to describe what mental illness sounds like. The album is released as is, with all eight songs recorded for this purpose. This is the first time that the final song on the album is included on any planned tracklisting of this release. At over twenty minutes in length, all previous labels had chosen to leave it off. The EP was previously only available as one song. Abridged Pause Recordings have added seven previously unreleased, or hard to find, b-sides, demos and alternate takes. Together, these releases compile almost everything discovered which was recorded by the band during the 2009-2011 “Tristesse” (or “Sorrow”) phase. We hope you will be as happy as we are to offer them to you.

APR8: Soufferance "Adieu Tristesse"

APR8: Soufferance “Adieu Tristesse” LP