Abridged Pause Recordings welcomes Soufferance

We are proud to officially announce our first real news of working with dark ambient project Soufferance. Soufferance has been making music since the summer of 2006 and has always been very impressive with each of their release. Not only has Soufferance’s music been intertwined with deep concepts but the artwork and packaging has always been impressive and on a professional scale. It is with this in mind that we are going to be working with Soufferance from now on.

To start off our collaboration, we are at the very moment putting together a boxset ¬†entitled “Travels”, to feature previously released and unreleased material from the band in a concept boxset. This will be incredibly limited and will help to push forward our very next release with them, “Adieu Tristesse”, planned for Winter 2013-2014.

More news to come soon, but for now, enjoy a preview of the making of the Soufferance boxset “Travels”.