Unheard was a metalcore band from Mississauga formed by Mike Charette and his friend Dave Buschemeyer after he was kicked out from Sun Still Burns in September 1993. The duo recruited Ian Pryde on vocals, and went in to record their first demo “Stillness” in February of 1994. They didn’t have a drummer so Adam Brylowski was brought in for the one night session. By March the band had recruited Matt Coles on drums and booked a show at the Opera House in Toronto. For this “one and  only Unheard show”, Ryan Hunter was welcomed on bass. The show was advertised as”Unheard, for tonight only” because they found out about a band in the US using the same name. After the show Dave was kicked out, Matt Coles left and Ian, Mike and Ryan became Ignorance Never Settles in the spring of 1994. Dave went on to greatness in New Day Rising in August 1994.

I wasn’t able to track down the Unheard demo, so if you have it and are nice enough to rip it, your name would be listed here!

Unheard “Stillness” demo (February 1994)
01 Walk Away
02 Victim of Society
03 Untitled

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